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education become reality thanks to a big gift to uc berkeley. today uc berkeley announced a $1 million gift to provide scholarships for low-income, undocumented students. the students qualify for state financial aid but not federal grants or loans. undocumented immigrants and counselors say new money will help fill that gap. >> money to go to school, money to, like, you know, pay for your rent, money to buy food. >> what it tells our stunts that if you work hard and you get into uc berkeley, now you have support. >> uc officials say they plan to work with other colleges in california to help them build programs for undocumented students. >>> the biggest tides of the year are rising along the coast this week. the tides expected to peak on thursday, the so-called king tide. we've already been seeing impacts from higher-than-normal tides. the road along the bay was flooded this morning. it will likely flood again tomorrow and on thursday. experts say the naturally hof curing king tides will give us an idea what the coastline could look like in the future if water levels rise. >>> a bold jewelr
at the uc berkeley campus with word that a scholarship is being set up for low income undocumented students. the university says the scholarship will help nearly 200 undocumented students from 20 different countries. >> what it tells our students is if you work hard and you get into uc berkeley now you have support. what we've seen in the past when undocumented students were earning their way into uc berkeley they were really excited but the next question that came after that was, how do i pay for it. >> in the past, the haas family gave funds to set up programs like tutoring services for low income students. >>> the king tide will be moving in and people are being asked to share their images of the event. >> reporter: on thursday the tide should be even higher with a king tide. >> basically a king tide is just a natural tpe no, -- phenomenon it's the highest tide of the year. >> reporter: they monitor tides and how they effect the bay. as for the king tide. >> in some places it'll be a couple of inches in difference in other places it could be several feet. >> the king tide is expected t
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2